Boys, boys, boys.....

I am a my house at least.  I am the only woman. This is not that odd for me as someone who has always had a lot of male friends who often forgot I was a girl, think they still don't usually notice.  I have always liked boys...smirks understood, comments should be kept G rated...and never gave in to believing in stereotypes.  That nursery rhyme about boys being made of puppy dog tails is just down right obnoxious and I thought that before I had my own. 

I remember when I was pregnant, both times, people kept asking me what did I want to have. Having worked in health care for most of my life I really meant it when I said that I just wanted a healthy baby.  I could not imagine what the baby would be like so the sex was really irrelevant.   I wanted to find out the sex because I wanted to plan clothes and room, yellow and mint green should be left to Miami Vice re-runs.  I remember going with my Mom to the sonogram where they can determine the sex.  This is also the sonogram where they measure and ascertain if the development is going as it should be.  I told the doctor "Please let me know if the baby has all the stuff in 2s that is supposed to be that way and one of everything else that should be a single"....he laughed.  After what seemed like a much longer time than it actually was he told me it all was in order and it was a boy.  Many people felt the need to console me, not sure why, and tell me how much cuter girls' clothing is.  Most people told me that boys love their Mothers.  I remember the first time I saw Max and immediately loved him, never for a millisecond wishing he was a girl.  When I was pregnant with my second child I got a lot of assurances from people that I was carrying a girl....guess with 50% odds this is a pretty good bet.  I had no idea, carry high or low, front or back, you get ugly or not...I really looked the same but had a very different pregnancy. I found out the sex again and once more was relieved that the exam was within normal limits and oh yes I was having a boy.  Cole was just as beautiful and fit perfectly into my heart and life also without a moment of wishing for a girl.

I grew up with a Father who as pretty vocal at times about the fact that his greatest wish was that he had a boy. He had been so convinced that he and my Mother were expecting one they picked out only a boy's when I came in July there was my Mother (back before Fathers made it past the waiting room during delivery) looking desperate for a name for what was most certainly not a boy.  Lucky for me Queen Juliana of the Netherlands was visiting Romania and it was July so name found. There are a lot of opinions on how you will interact with different sex children but for me I just don't buy into this.  Yes, I know more about Star Wars and killing each other playacting than I could have ever imagined.  Yes, I have sat on a cold seat in the middle of the night because the toilet seat was left up.  Yes, they are very active.  Mostly though they are loving, funny, smart, great children and we love being together.  I am the minority who has to dress in "private" and whose "booby covers" have become masks and weapons. I also am the one who is the most beautifulest Mommy ever, the girlfriend of choice for both boys and the one who gets lots of little kisses and big hugs.  I am a minority but treated as a precious treasure by my boys and I would not have it any other way.  I love my children for who they are not what they are.  To the people who were in favor of my having girls I am sure they would have been amazing but I believe in spending my life appreciating what I have and not pining for what I won't get.  Oh and by the way .....there is some seriously cool, rocking clothing out there not in the frilly family.

This is a man's world
But it wouldn't be nothing
Nothing not one little thing
Without a woman or a girl .....James Brown


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