Juliet or the Happy Ending

Love means nothing in tennis, but it's everything in life.  ~Author Unknown

We seem to be a bit schizophrenic when it comes to love.  I find the best songs about relationships seem to be the ones that are about doomed romances. Same goes for movies, plays, poems, books, etc....this seems to have been so since time immortal.  We tend to diminish and classify as "light" any story about people who fall for one another and end up together.  Do we really like a "happy ending" or do we prefer the angst?

After watching the coverage and the conversations that occurred with the Royal Wedding it really made me wonder if we are all romantics in cynics clothing or vice a versa.  The hardest part of course is that we have a whole host of issues with lust.  Love, lust, attraction, commitment words that can work together and be used against one another.  The wedding led to a discussion in my office on the merits of monogamy....and please do not tell me about some small brained bird that follows this dogma as that is not exactly inspiring.  We talked about how monogamy is not really natural while agreeing that no matter how liberal your views on the subject most people would not be "ok" with knowing you were in the arms of another.  Best Friday discussion around the "water cooler" we have had in a long time....overall consensus was natural or not the "open relationship" is something no one wants to be on the receiving end of and both my male and female colleagues agreed the wedding was more fun to watch than usual rants of lunatics, killings, and other unhappy subjects usually on the news at that hour. 

So do we love a happy ending or do we really enjoy watching the drama that inevitably unfolds when it is betrayed or denied?  I have no answers....sorry this is not Wikipedia,  this is one woman's random thoughts.  I may love the blues and yet had a great day watching 2 people yesterday tell the whole world they were committing to one another.  I scoff at the idea that women cannot separate the physical from the emotional as much as that men can. I know that without these emotions life would be less intense and our books, movies, music less interesting.  You cannot deny this emotion or who you have it for, how the mere thought of them can evoke a physical reaction, at most you will just spend a lot of energy trying to suppress it (that in itself says how powerful this is). Maybe it is the tension between the romantic, the lust, and the break up that makes this emotion one that drives more of our lives than not.  Most of us will spend a lifetime protecting our heart from being broken but maybe we should not.  In the end is not better to debate about love than to agree on violence?!

"And when two lovers woo ...they still say I love you....the world will always welcome lovers as time goes by"....oh do play it again Sam


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