It Takes Two ....

I am an only child and have been perfectly happy with that situation since I can remember.  I do not recall when I stopped asking for a sibling but it was when I was quite young.  I am only child who has surrounded herself with twos.  Like Marvin Gaye wrote "One can have a dream, baby, Two can make that dream so real".

I have 2 best friends, 2 fathers (mine and my Mother's husband), 2 Mothers (mine and her best friend), 2 uncles, 2 sets of cousins, 2 sons....seeing a pattern? I also find that I am a product of two different sets of cultures.  I am European by birth and American by choice.  I am at home and a visitor on both of these continents.  It is duality that is the basis of many of my interests (travelling, foodie, New York phile, lover of arts, history/current events junkie - your call on which continent you think contributed to these, I already know) and also the foundation of who I am politically, spiritually, morally and emotionally.  I still am fond of the moniker a friend of mine gave me years ago...Socialist Republican. I do not like not having choices, variety of opinions and the ability to use them in different situations.

My reality has always been that I am an only child and I do not know if it would have been better, worse or the same had I had sibling(s) but my life has been enriched by my 2s. I find, like all other, stereotypes about only children are rarely correct and that our behaviors are shaped by a host of external and internal factors.   My friends have been the chosen siblings I never longed to actually have.  I am an only, however, I have never been a lonely child.


  1. Hey Juliana,

    I am a friend of Dori's and stumbled upon your blog via her post on FB. Love the honesty of this and how you embrace duality. I also write a blog that addresses a few similar issues. Come visit my blog if you interested!


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