Ode to our beta fish "Batman"

Last night we said goodbye to the boys' beta fish Batman. We have had many fish in the past couple of years but Batman was our first and longest survivor. Needless to say the boys were very sad and we had to have a ritual burial at "sea". The hardest part was the questions after; "Why do things die Mommy?" and "What happens to Batman now?" coming from two small boys through a lot of tears.  I answered them with my truth on this subject....I am not sure.  I asked them to remember how much they liked Batman and how he had made them happy while he lived in their room.

This worked well with my kids. They are still sad and truth be told, considering I was the one who had to clean his bowl and bemoaned this periodically, I miss the little guy too.  They are looking forward to drawing pictures of Batman to remember him by and to buying new fish.  Dealing with death is not easy but I choose to remember the smiles we shared rather than give in to the sadness of the loss. 


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