Narcissus would approve

To blog or not to blog....that would be the question in this century?  Part of me thinks is this the ultimate incarnation of Narcissus? Me, me and oh yeah here is some more info about me.  However, the part of me that has always kept a journal, who has written many stories and not shown them to anyone got so excited at the prospect of finally having a place to put my creative writing tendencies. 

As usual this will lead me down the path of will anyone read it ? If yes what will they think? If not is it the final crushing truth that I am not the writer that I wish I were.  You know the one....who always dreamt she wrote her first novel at 20, 30, oh yeah am in the 40s....whose first novel left the literary snobs wishing for more and yet had the selling power of Danielle Steele. 

In the end at 40, much like being a blonde by choice, this will be something I do because I want to and I enjoy it.  I hope the one (dare I hope for more) who reads will get a smile and share a feeling with something I post.


  1. I am your first follower!!!!!! Looking forward to delving into your thoughts!!

  2. Ah, to read about you is as titillating as writing about me. Welcome to the blogosphere - you'll be surrounded by literary voyeurs soon enough!!!

  3. It is a wonderful creative outlet! Love ya!


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