Great Expectations.....or at least reasonable ones

Starting this blog was a HUGE leap for me.  I have written for years but shared little with a very limited audience.  The reason for this is fairly obvious to me....what will people think ?  Drivel, crap, not so bad....whatever the feedback (in keeping with who I am) I would only remember, obsess and focus on the negative reviews.  This has led to the "ostrich head in sand" approach to the material I have written.  

Yet here I am ....and there you are reading this.  What will you read in this blog?  You will find some very funny stories about my children, the humor is not only in the writing it is in the actions and sayings they provide as material.  There will be commentary (all opinions expressed here are only those of the management and have no disclaimers) on book/music/tv/movie reviews, politics, world/local events.  You may also find yourself getting a chapter, a short story or a poem that I have written occasionally (if my courage kicks in). 

I am not a big fan of Dickens' and truth be told "Great Expectations" is probably my least favorite of his but expectations are key drivers of our I leave you with my 2 "great expectations" for Blonde by Choice; the first is that I will keep up with this every other day and the second is that is that it will be worth the time (precious and limited) to any readers.....


  1. Juliana this is Margaret's son Nicholas and i completely agree with your point of view on Great Expectations. I am currently reading it in school and am not to fond of it... great blog btw

  2. Thanks Nicholas....the one Dickens novel I really enjoyed us Tale of Two Cities, which may have one of the best opening paragraphs ever written.


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