Happy New Year -- it is time for ;

LOTS of gym commercials -- my personal favorite is still the over muscled guy who walked around saying "I pick things up and put them down", look it up if you have not seen it.

LOTS of diet commercials - I felt a blast from the past seeing that Nutrisystem is still around.

That is because it is the time for resolutions for many.   For me I long ago realized that I do not do resolutions but I do have some goals that I try to set out - some are long term and some are shorter term.  They were more like ReoNotions, you know those things you have a notion to do but probably stop doing after a couple of months- seemed a lot of them were punitive, so I gave them up and have never looked back.

Decluttering - no I am not buying the Japanese author's book, any author who proclaims that as a child when others went out to play she went home to clean is creepy and scary. Besides isn't buying a book adding to said clutter - sarcasm font.   Yet I do love some of the ideas so this year I realize one of the things that makes decluttering so hard for me is not the letting go, yeah I am so not sentimental for most things.  Christmas cards are already in the garbage at my house - don't gasp it's not like I am every going to need to be weepy over a preprinted greeting, it's served it's purpose I saw it know you thought of me and appreciated it.  What makes it hard for me is that I try to do a room or a part of a house and that 1) exhausts me 2) mentally drains me 3) I am bit dog with squirrel sighting and since not exactly getting joy out of it (sorry Japanese lady but if you need a cheap thrill you can come clean at my house) very small things can distract me.   This year I am approaching this very differently.  Small sections have already been done, who knew one could keep so many bags.  No not handbags or bookbags but bags.  As in nice ones from stores, ones with receipts from 7 or more years ago (my husband is one box away from a hoarder show if I didn't have these interventions), ones for different gift occasions but used and not quite usable anymore, ones with water damage.  Bags within bags.  It was a sight - in fact all those went into 6 big black garbage bags - bye bye.  I did 2 drawers too - gone are bras from the disposable bra era(come on you know the ones, uncomfortable as hell, often make you look like you have split boob syndrome if they are the half ones which should not even be made in the 4th letter and up of the alphabet, scratchy things that were meant to be worn only long enough to be worthy of being flung off in your best rendition of some sort of strip tease) and underwear (there are not only the disposable, I just need to pull these out of my ass though that is where they are supposed to be kind, but also the ubiquitous granny/period panties).  It felt great - like really great.  This weekend small sections of the basement and 2 more drawers,  Goal to declutter by June - Sept.

This blog - keep it fresh, keep you coming back .. plug, plug, plug

Paint and write more - I did more last year than in previous years, looking to up the ante a bit for this year, who knows the 2 sections of my book that are done may be followed by the last 2 for a full book.  

Weight - what the hell do I want to say about that? I battle it - it battles me but I hate cleanses and diets.  Working, working, working on a happy medium (but dealing with the fact that I need a large).

Letting go - are we seeing a theme here?  I am not upset but I have come to a point in my life that if you make no effort to see me we have to move on to the next phase of our relationship, social acquaintances.  Not a bad thing but I am bit over always having to be the one to propose dates, plan events to see someone.  I am busy too and while I do not mind doing it even the majority of the time if the only way we see each other, or connect is because I initiate it well I am letting you go to be with whatever it is that is really important to you.  

My last goal for this year is to find moments every day that just are all about me. Moments where there are no interruptions, where I am doing something that makes me happy and to make moments that are full of interruptions and frustrations somehow still make me feel good.   I want to be stronger, more confident and not beat myself up so often - yes I could do whatever it is better but I need to learn to appreciate what I do from big things to small.  That is decluttering of my head - maybe small sections at a time. 

So 2016 bring it - I am planning on my last year in my 40s, blog on that later plug plug, being crazy, outrageous, me-centric and full of times with people who I just adore the crap out of.  


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