Resolutions ?

I used to make resolutions but gave them up when the only resolution I ever seem to stick to was making resolutions.

So instead I try and look back about my year and the good memories that were made, look at my accomplishments.

Trips and time spent with family and friends, books read and music listened to, movies and shows that took me away and time spent laughing.  Basically time spent not doing anything but enjoying life. Accomplishment number 1 - check.

There were the moments that tested me - the loss of my beloved cousin much too soon, my understanding that not all things last forever, including people you love,  but the time spent together is still worth the loss vs never ever having had that time.  The terrible things that just pepper the news every day.  All of those things I learned from, some I took action on, others helped my resolve and most I used to help my boys understand that life is what you make it. I learned from these, I found my strength in these and they are part of a life. Accomplishment number 2 - check.

Work - I survived - bwahahah take that corporation that at times overworks all of us - I thank you for funding my life, for being the company that helps people live better and for giving me opportunities to feel fulfilled in work as well as a bunch of really cool people who always add to my life even when they leave the place.  Accomplishment number 3 - check,

The blog - kept at it - hurtling toward 13,000 reads (multitude of countries) and comments that remind me that I may love doing this but others also seem to enjoy reading it.  Accomplishment number 3 check.

I voted - yeah that is a big deal, I used my right to do something so many cannot.  Accomplishment number 4 check.

I started writing the book  - like for real - like one section done and on it's way to being typed done. It did not just live in my head.  Accomplishment number 4 check.

Finished a painting that was living in my head - already planning another one.  Accomplishment 5 check. 

Friends - having them in my life is accomplishment that cannot be surpassed.  Check and too big a deal to give just an accomplishment number to. 

Tennis - ok so I will never even be a ball girl worthy opponent to many who have being doing this for a while but what a fun trip and enjoying getting better.  I stuck to it even when my mind made fun of my floppy wrist, too aggressive return serve and those balls that I look like a Keystone cop running right past.  Accomplishment number 6 check.

What do I want to do in 2015 - well I would like to finish the book, pester those friends who volunteered to read it to do so.  I want to keep this blog fun and relevant.  I want to do more for women's causes including my own - less apologizing and more confidence.  Most of all I want to enjoy my last 2 years in my 40s because I will blink and that 50 birthday will be all "hello, hello there" in my face.  I also want to keep reminding myself to tell the people I love how deeply they matter to me and not just the usual suspects that I share that with.  I will read more books, yay, listen to more music and dance along with my karaoke as much as possible.  

There may never be world peace but maybe we can all aim to make a little peace with whatever makes us be hurtful to others out of the fears that drive us.  

May 2015 be what you want it to be - Happy New Year


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