Movie soundtracks - memories set to music

 My good friend Kris recently sparked a great discussion with what seemed like a simple question - What are your top 10 favorite movies?  If you are a movie lover like me, fond memories of movies my Dad and I went to when I was a young girl as well as movies that I saw with friends, snuck into because I was not allowed to see them (American Gigolo comes to mind since I was like in 7th grade and pretty sure I did not know what gigolo was), or scary movies that my father didn't forbid but mom warned against nightmares (When a Stranger Calls still gives me the creeps), movies that defined my teenage years (Last American Virgin, Porky's, Grease and all the John Hughes movies Sixteen Candles 'cause I still heart Jake Ryan, Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club top of the list), and of course that movies I started to appreciate as an adult.  There that is why I could not answer her question easily - I did it but knew I left so much off.  I have the same problem with books and my lists have been known to change as I get older.  

It did get me thinking though because as memorable as those movies were there are movies whose soundtracks I played until the record scratched (Google it younger people) or the tape had to be rewound with a pencil (Google again).  The music as important and listened to over and over.  I saw Grease at least 50 times if not more and in the end I could always watch it one more time - however, I played some of the songs at least 200 times since the record first came out.  

In no particular order here are my top 15 (cause really I could not count any of these out and there are many that did not make it but should have) soundtracks - I know as soon as I finish I will want to add to it or remember one that I should have put on there but this is not an exact science.  Movies and music let the memories flow -- what's your top list (1-15)

1) Grease 
2) Purple Rain
3) Dirty Dancing
4) Saturday Night Fever
5) Forrest Gump
6) Pulp Fiction
7) Pretty in Pink
8) Trainspotting (didn't even like the movie but so much alternative music is still hard to find)
9) Goodfellas
10) American Graffiti
11) Boogie Nights
12) West Side Story
13) Singles
14) Rock and Roll High School
15) Pretty Woman


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