Spring -- sprung - sprang

I get giddy as spring starts.  I do not like the cold weather and snow well I get over "how pretty it is" about 30 minutes into trying to shovel it off my car.  I do not ski, though I do ski lounge so well I could get a medal, and I do not skate. I mean really if I wanted to be hurdled down a mountain, after being suspend on a metal stick, in binding equipment I could just try a little s & m .... 

This year spring seems to have taken forever to come.  I personally have never felt a rodent popping out of it's hole and seeing or not seeing it's shadow was an accurate predictor of weather, I mean really what's next tossing chicken bones into a bonfire to predict the Dow Jones?, but this year that little Phil was so wrong he is lucky he did not become whack a mole material.  For any PETA people that was not a threat to said rodent.

Spring is pretty and from a fashion perspective perfect, like Fall, because if you like fashion you can still have enough choices to layer or not, cool outerwear and light covering to go crazy.  No more trying to make Nanuk of the North look good.  Time to delayer and start to enjoy the warmth on your face where you used to have a scarf to protect your cheeks from the blustery wind.

Spring is about love (and kissing in parks), blooming and wonderful smell of warmth as it creeps to summer.  For those of us who may not be fond of the gym, ok I may not actually be fond of exercising, this is the time that I actually can do activities that I don't mind (am not sure "will be thrilled by" will ever be what I say) to stay in shape - outdoor wog (walk-jog thanks Nancy for that term) and tennis.

As the flowers start to bloom and the days get longer it makes me smile more. It also means that summer is coming and I love summer... I can close my eyes and hear the waves lapping at the shore, the smell of the beach, the moments spent with books and lobster.

Time to also do some spring cleaning and purge... I love to get rid of stuff (though it somehow seems to sneak back in between the kids and the husband and the paper...where is our "paperless world"?) and open the windows to that smell from the outside.

Am going to go and enjoy the little warming up we have .. Happy Spring


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