Have I told you lately that I love you???

There is so much to do around this time of year ...I am pretty obsessed with the idea of the right gift for each person ... the cards and the personalized letter and the tree and the holiday menus (both Hanukkah and Christmas) and of course the planning for what to do with time off....why am I sitting here writing this blog when I still have so much to do?  

I was thinking  about all of the stuff that I have to do and the limited time I have to do it in while still taking kids to parties, sports, and my admittedly shameless enjoyment of the social activities I like to attend (not only but especially) during this time of year.  Somehow I took a deep breath and decided that I do not feel guilty.  I did for a bit ...what if the gift is not right? what if the gift I made was seen as something to be discarded rather than the vision I had when I made it? what if the kids did not have enough? what if ..what if...what if I start just  relaxing and remembering that the gift I chose was chosen with a lot of thought, that the gift I made was made with a bit of me and given to someone who I hope appreciates it, that the kids most certainly had enough. 

Instead of stressing I am enjoying the moment...they go so fast and I do not want to miss it.  I also thought maybe this is the time to start telling people who mean something to me that well they mean something to me.  I know we throw around the "love you" often but bet you we do not take it out to share often when it would mean something.  I know I tell my boys how I love them oh about a bazillion times a day but there are people I have yet to say it to and some that I just have not said it to in a long time.  I am not sure for me there is a greater gift than to have someone care deeply enough for me to tell me they love me ...must smile as I write this because I know I have been told at least once or fourteen times by men who were using the wrong L word...but alas they too meant something.  

So this week I am giving you all hugs and the big virtual kisses that go with a holiday message.  I am telling you that the fact that you read my blog means something to me.  I will not hesitate to whisper an I love you in your ear if I have not.  I give you the reminder that you should so pay this one forward because saying I love you and meaning that (not the fluffy I love these shoes...that has merit for inanimate objects only...squeal) is an amazing to give and get.  Mostly for this week I am all about enjoying life, the moments, the laughter and the people I love (there are not many as I take that saying seriously before I hand over that much of myself) as well as the people that I just love having in my life (there I will use the word blessed as not sure how I got so lucky to have met so many of you and kept you in my life).  

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah....

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you do.....Van Morrison


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