Dear Santa.....

 I like the idea of Santa.  A man who, historically speaking there was one just minus the flying reindeer, listens to children from all over the world and finds the time to give them something that will make them smile.  It could be Santa is a part of the Hanukkah story or Eid or Diwali or whatever but really can we listen to our children for a minute to hear what they want.  Usually it is frivolous and full of stuff they do not I wish every child had everything they needed all the time so that they could have the day to get a few things they did not.  Many times the requests though include wishes for health or food or better housing or even actual housing for their families.  These letters break my heart...for a few years I have participated in a program that takes these letters to corporations and employees can choose to "answer" the letters with the gift being given.  I cannot grant the wishes for the family, housing, but I can buy that toy that they asked for...maybe it will be a source of comfort for that child for a minute or source of bartering for something.  The best part is that you get a thank you ...I have cried over these because you realize a little can mean a lot.

This year I thought I would write my own Santa letter ...because for no other reason putting pen to paper is the way I process well.  Maybe if there is a little magic in the world or karma then maybe some part of my list will come true...and it could be realized by the person dressed in a red suit who is wearing their day to day shoes or maybe we can try and give Santa the present of not needing magic reindeer to make our world a better place. Though I write this blog tongue in cheek I do actually dream of these things and wish that instead of sexting scandals, name calling, ranting, using religion as a weapon of mass destruction ...politicians would stop and try and work on this list instead...oh and by the way there is a lot of money to made from peace not just war in case you need that incentive!!! So maybe we should send our Santa letters to our politicians...maybe they need that flood of letters to come at them all over the world ...they will know that the majority of people want the same things and that they need to listen and do...rather than to talk and undo....

Dear Santa,

It's been a while...or maybe not since I find myself wishing for stuff all the time just not writing it down.  This year I have a few things I would like to get.  I have tried to be pretty good all year and my naughty periods ...well I have had a few of those too...but am sure that you expect that. Here are some things I was hoping you and the magic sled could bring;

World Peace...ok so a lofty and a big giant wish...but how about just maybe a little peace sprinkled in areas that really need it 

Solutions to the financial crisis ....this one am thinking you may be able to deliver ...after all you run a tight operation up there with what seems like incredibly happy employees...who all seem to share the responsibilities and you do not seem the big bonus (I mean dude you get paid in cookies and milk) type of CEO

World Hunger....again achievable...after all you do drive above the world in one night,...maybe some organic seeds sprinkled with a little magic in them ....

Respect for one another ....though this may seem like an empty stocking since you cannot really see or feel it...if Santa you maybe pushed for this actually it could possibly make my first wish for World Peace a little more likely

Bling...there you are thinking "that's my girl"...something I could actually get her...bling is the stuff that makes you smile, the stuff you do not need...because after all you can only enjoy it fully only if you are granted the ability to have your basic needs met.  Bling is the feeling you should have whenever you do something that is good.  Bling is the shiny stuff that you put on because you no longer have to worry about where your next meal is coming from.  Bling is not mined with the blood of children or made in a factory by underpaid workers or a car that costs more than an entire village in some areas makes in 10 years as a whole.  Bling is being content with what you have and seeing the gem even when you are only wearing the rhinestone.  

So there you have it list....anything beyond that is welcome but not expected.  However, should you get a letter from my husband telling you to bring me an iron please deliver nice big NO yelled into his ear  as you are dropping off my gift of an iTunes gift card to buy some books.  

Love -- cookies and milk will be waiting...enjoy the night SC, 
Juliana ....

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one ....John Lennon


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