Summertime and the livin' is easy

I love Memorial Day weekend.....I honor and respect those who have served the country and gave their lives but I love it for totally shallow reasons.  It is the beginning of my favorite season.  I like spring and I like fall but summer...ohhh summer I love you. Summer brings out the sexy in my mind.

It could be because I tend to be perpetually cold, I am that crazy person at the beach who wraps a towel around herself if there is too much of a breeze.  The thought of layers, bundles, opening a door to be greeted by darkness, a blast of artic air and slippery ground has no appeal for me.  I think snow is pretty when it is coming down but with the amount that we have had this past winter I would be ok with skipping a snowfall next winter.  I spend a lot of the colder months waiting and looking forward to summer. Though considering how much I love clothes I will give winter the advantage in that category. Summer wins in the best songs and movie scenes written about it...I mean really who wants to hear about getting another layer on, and the beach scene in "From Here to Eternity" would not have been so hot (see better than cold right there even in adjective land) on a snowbank with layers on. 

Memorial Day was the holiday that meant that school was almost over when I was younger, the time to start planning for lazy days with my friends, public pools for us city kids, playing in the street until the lights came on and then begging your Mother through a window for "just a few more minutes" (often granted with the caveat that you had to move to where they could see you).  It meant summer movies, beach time, beach time, beach also meant family vacations for me.  As I got older those long vacations of summer turned into long weekends, rental homes in the Hamptons, parties on the beach, parties in other countries, the unforgettable summer loves, and eventually owning a place near the beach in RI and of course planning my own family vacations. 

I cannot wait to start this long weekend...took off an extra day like many others to beat the traffic.  The smell of summer is one I love too...before the humidity gets too high and the smell of warmth is in the air in the early morning.  I love the smell of barbecues, suntan lotion, and the ocean.  I know there are people who hate the heat, the humidity, the havoc it causes on your hair but for me summertime is the part I look forward to the rest of the year.  I will never be Florida bound, don't get me started on what I do not like about that state and glad some of you love it, because I love the seasonal changes and because I like looking forward to summer.  What are you favorite summer memories - did they just make you smile ? Off to pack up the family and start "livin' for the weekend".
In the summertime when the weather is hot
You can stretch right up and touch the sky...Mungo Jerry


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