Dance. dance, dance....

"When I hear music it makes me dance"....Debbie Deb
Ahh just coming off a extra-long Memorial Day weekend buzz and feeling good.  I was thinking back to past Memorial Days - days spent in beach clubs, or just plain old clubs after lazy days at the beach.  I am not one to wish I was a younger age than the one I currently am, I recognize that those ages all held pleasures, but I have always enjoyed the time I am in and tried to make the most of it rather to look backward with regret or longing.  

However, having made that lofty "look at me I am happy being 40+" statement I do find there are a few things that I do miss.  I miss the ability to wear some of the latest trends, admitting that I love fashion but understanding that I do not want to live up to an old Romanian adage "From the back looks like a high school, from the front a museum".   I miss the itty, bitty mini-skirts, the super high heels, something totally impractical but totally appropriate for nights out. The other thing I miss a lot is going dancing.  I loved going clubbing - funny by the time I was the legal age to be in them I was almost ready to give up the clubs I had been frequenting with a fake id (purchased from a less than Disney approved 42nd  Street of yore) and traded them in for bars with dance floors.

I find myself listening to the radio and know that Lady Gaga and The Muse songs would be great to dance to, hot bodies pressed together, pulsing beat, closing your eyes and letting the music move you.    The places where everyone was attractive until the lights went back on.  I miss getting ready (music, cigarettes, phone attached to ear with friends planning outfits) and leaving the house after 10 pm, because after all NO ONE was out before that.  I do not miss the lines, the limited I.Q. bouncers who always let in the girls and gave the guys a hard time (I mean really are you in a position to judge people just because you bench 200 lbs?) .  I spent so much time in clubs like Underground, Tunnel, Peppermint Lounge, Silver Screen, Paps, Paladium, Goth nights at Limelight (my goodness I blush at some of my outfits), and the various other places we went to.  I am often found dancing around my house, my boys encourage it now that they are little kids and am sure will be mortified by it as they get older. I have no intention of going to any clubs at this age (I do not want to be that woman - you know the one that we made fun of and poor thing was probably only like 25) nor would I have a clue even where to find one.  I also know that I would need a week to recuperate from a night that in my early 20s would have taken a power nap to recharge. The "moral" police is right - dancing is sexy and thank goodness for it. So for now I choose to put on my 80s Freestyle or anything from any era and country with a good beat, smile at the memories of the many nights I spent on the dance floors around the world but especially in New York, while I shake my groove thing 'round my living room where by 10 pm the only thing I am ready for is sleep. 


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