As my guitar gently weeps

There is no usual blog that could be written today because it is only the 3rd month of the year and my heart is just full of sadness  - people choose to use religion as to get and give comfort, as a goal to make us better people but there are many who choose it as a the weapon to kill and destroy -- they choose.  I am not a believer in organized religion but I do believe in humanity -- we can do better - whatever your doctrine today is the day to tell those people who use any religion that they can no longer hijack whatever you believe in to ostracize and kill.  Enough is enough -- may those families who lost people in these attacks, those who were injured and the rest of us who are scarred not be scared -- people are good they really are and it is time for the good people to make that the faith that runs the world. 

In honor of all those who were victims in 2016 ;



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