Celebrating Freedom

It sort of all fell into place this week - it is after all a July 4th weekend - so maybe it it is fitting that we celebrate freedoms. 

Here is my list of freedoms that I will be thinking about this week;

Freedom of speech - I mean after all really how can one write a blog, post it, have it be seen round the world and not be thankful to live in a place where I have freedom of speech.  Yes freedom of speech - now you could say something stupid, hateful or just plain nasty and you know what there are many who would denounce you, companies that will not work with but you can still say it and for everyone who thinks you may be a jerk there are those who will read what you said and see themselves in you.  Scary and liberating at the same time. 

Freedom to vote - seems bit obvious - so umm why aren't more people who can actually using this vote - I know point above means you can complain ad nauseum about everything but with silence and the pull of a lever you actually would be louder. 

Freedom from school - this one is for my and all kids .. man I envy that stretch of summer they get.  Let them enjoy it because it doesn't last forever, no not even in Sweden or France even they do not have full summers off as adults .

Freedom from being cold all the time - ok well this one is particular to me and areas with seasons - but I like the fact that some point I am free of every season  - to exercise my right to freedom of speech and complain about winter and praise every other season. 

Freedom to love and marry - there are plenty of those of us who have always been able to get married who may have a few sarcastic comments about why someone would want to marry but according to the Supreme Court now you can marry whoever is a consenting adult.  This is awesome and while I know that there are those who seem to want to tell me that it is not in deity book of choice I say "who cares" we do not live under sharia law which I am grateful for every day.  

Freedom from work - for the coveted long weekend since unlike my kids summers for me are not off with pay. 

Freedom - in general, it is a coveted and wonderful thing.  Maybe this July 4th we should remember that it is not easily gotten and that this country and every other that has it has fought hard for it.  This Independence Day it is time to let free hate and disdain and all those things that take our freedom to enjoy life.  Free yourself from hate and anger - it will be so liberating - give you so much time to focus instead on what you can accomplish rather than what you want to tear down. 

Thank you to those brave souls, imperfect in many ways, infallible in others who decided it was not about the good of one but the good of all to have and enjoy freedoms ... Happy Fourth !!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness......Declaration of Independence 


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