Ahh that Mr Grey

I am getting a kick out of the whole Fifty Shades movie buzz - not that I personally will shell out $$ to see it, at best Netflix it.  

Instead I so like the discussions it has opened up;

Domestic Violence -- all these folks saying this movie does not condone it and submissive/dominant relationships are consensual in acts and even roles.  CONSENSUAL is the key word here any thing else please seek what help you need because it rarely gets better. 

Men - oh that good looking, sexy, of course financially super set man who is broken and who let's face it too many of us would fall for because we can "fix" what is broken ... see point number one; sometimes a man that broken is just in too many pieces and other times maybe we need to look at what is driving us to try to be the fixer.

S & M - has brought this topic from the dungeons, pun intended, to discussions.  I mean I wonder how many suburban homes have had recent remodeling to include a redish hue ?? Maybe it allowed people to explore this option even lightly or hey maybe if you were practicing now you no longer feel like a suspect from a CSI episode but rather dashing like Christian G (Oh my!!)

Sex - so like the song says "the attraction was purely physical" this has reminded all those people who it is making so uncomfortable that women like sex, a lot.   That women are not breeders only but rather sexual beings who want to do with their bodies what they will and not be left on sidelines when decisions about their bodies are made.   

Spiced things up - so often couples fall into a rut, understandable.  Unless you have other marital issues there are many who are enjoying a good relationship but are too tired, stressed or just kind of fell into a routine which lacks sexiness even if there is still sex.   If a book can add a little of that spark back - go for it after all you don't want to eat porridge for breakfast for the rest of your life either.

Regardless of the merits of the screenplay, the acting or even the chemistry of the actors having a movie that is more about pleasure and less about death is all good in my eyes.  I know this is going to scare a lot of people into being mean and nasty because of the female sexuality issue, after all what's next? We may actually acknowledge that our needs are just as important to us and then open that Pandora's box about how our partners need to fulfill those needs -- oooh hot button.  

Whatever your reasons for seeing this or not seeing this it is creating good discussions that we should not be ashamed in having.    So go for it maybe you are less grey and more vanilla, even that flavor sometimes needs a few sprinkles to make it stand out.  Enjoy the movie, the books, the whatever even if it's just making fun of the premise - but mostly just enjoy whatever makes you feel good, oh yeah as long as it's consensual. 

"....your face will turn to alabaster .. when you find your servant is your master..."  The Police 


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