La Dolce Vita

In the true spirit of the only other place that I could live besides my beloved New York this blog is not going to be long ... it is going to be short and sweet and require very little work.  It is going to be more about savoring the moments to come then worrying about the packing. In the true spirit of Italians I am going to shrug and think "ahh va bene" - it will be ok to do a piccolo blog.

Since I am going to be off tomorrow to that wonderful place that so easily calls to me - why not just take it down a notch or 10, breathe, see what I can accomplish and whatever I cannot well am sure I can do it when I get back.  

I am going to be living La Dolce Vita for the next 2 weeks in the land of ancient empires, modern fashion, amazing food and wine, the singsong language and of course the amazing people.  Ahh Italia here we come - the Big Love (what else would you call 2 families traveling together) adventure is about to start.  Did I mention my fascination with Vespas and gelato ???

People ask me if it is hard to travel with younger children - for us it is not.  These adventures are ones they look forward to.  Maybe we are just really lucky to have kids who are used to new places and people.  Maybe they are really lucky to have parents who take them to places that are different and amazing.  Whatever the reason it works so well.  Is it hard to travel with young children? I guess not with ours - my personal theory, and it is based on no science, is that kids behave in public as they behave at home - their parents are just more cognizant of it when others are watching.  Unless there are really special circumstances take your children to travel as far or as near as your budget allows - but take them because they will appreciate it and the time they get to spend with you. 

So Ciao for this week and look for the next blog from Rome .. Baci


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