Keeping the kimono closed

I love technology - really am total geek and proud that I get excited by the cool things that have come out.  I was a first adopter of the ipod, love my ipad and cannot imagine life without a computer personally or at work.  That's the just the tip of the ice berg and there are many other technological advances that leave me awed.

Having said that I really am having a hard time with how it is also used to show everything.  I do mean everything - many times literally - is put out there.  I was watching only bits of the Jay Z and sister in law in elevator debacle and all I kept thinking was "wow - really?".  I mean who has not done something they would not want released from elevator camera.  Stop it yes you have - maybe adjusted an undergarment, men adjusted your groin area, checked out someone, picked a nose (have seen this eww), picked food out of teeth, dislodged the underwear that dreamed of being a thong and acted like one and then there are other things that most of us have only seen in movies (ok question on that - do you stop the elevator, do you risk it opening on another floor - the logistics baffle me).   Yet none of that is on TMZ, maybe it will be as YouTube fodder.  I believe all those things are best to the viewing pleasure of the security guards scanning through them - that's it, no more.

We have letters between Jackie Kennedy and a priest being published -  umm am an atheist and see this as wrong, isn't there some confidentiality clause here ??? We are voyeurs to an extreme and maybe a little bit is a very American need to always tell it all.  I am not of this belief  - sharing certain indiscretions serves no purpose except that now you feel better and the receiver of the info feels like crap.  I never got the point - there are things that are secrets and some secrets are just that for good reason.  Now I am not advocating that should you have a communicable disease or say need to not keep a secret because it was imposed upon you in an abusive situation - that you should not speak but a little triage works well here.

I like FaceBook - have no problem with it and let's face it this blog is definitely a glimpse into my mind - what a crazy place right?? but loaded with fun rides - but it's only me out of my work clothes in a kimono - the kimono is tied tight though.  I have friends who are on FaceBook and then there are FaceBook friends.  There will be at best a slip of leg but never a full on flash.  I kind of think that is how a lot of information goes.  I know that there is this global need to think if you know everything from the government (you don't even when you think you do - sorry bubble pop) from celebrities (no they are not public domain and yes they should be able to select what they show - some of them appear to have so little sense that they invite us as they take off kimono and then have mad ritualistic orgy called their life on reality tv - 2nd bubble pop it's not really reality it is scripted).

So do we all get a giggle reading the Star/People or whatever celeb mag you like? Sure a giggle.  TMZ, Entertainment Tonight - there are times when it is kind of cool and then there are times when I cringe.  I dislike Alec Baldwin for many reasons but his absolute antipathy of paparazzi is quite correct - that is more like having the kimono ripped off against your will.

In an age where it is on the worldwide (key word here  world wide) web, and no it's not true that if it is there is real (photoshop is really good - wish it came in 3d so I can fix some things san surgery) but it can be hurtful.  Respect your own privacy and that of others - you posing in a way that you know your parent would be horrified at is a good measure 'cause your future employer may be horrified too, unless you will be working in Playboy or the like.  Do not take pictures of friends and others - see above and really what kind of electronic peeping tom and pathetic person are you to take a picture when someone is unaware and they are not making good choices. In the end I wish Jay and his family well - disgusted that people sold that tape and that personal conversations are taped and then oops leaked (yeah I am talking sex tapes and others). Keep the kimono closed - and open it ever so slowly only when the person deserves that much view.


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