No Makeup Monday ? - No thank you

   I was listening to the radio one morning getting ready for work, putting on my make-up, when Z100 had a whole discussion with the djs on "no make-up Monday" was Tuesday.  The women there had gone make up less for a day and it was a big debate on how they felt about it. As I sat there with my newest stash - am total cheater as I like to use different brands (Nars, MAC, Tom Ford, Hourglass, Bobbi Brown and those are just my favorites) - of stuff and listening to this I thought "are you kidding me?".  Yes that is what went through my mind.

 A friend of mine recently wrote an amazing blog about her grandmother and among the things she mentioned was that this was a woman who always put herself together and looked elegant before going out.  That is wonderful.  I get a lot of ribbing for never going even to the supermarket in less than somewhat of an outfit, it may be leggings with some ballet flats and cute top but you are not ever going to see this girl in her pjs unless you are sleeping over or there is an emergency.  After all I am the same woman who had on platforms and a nice matching bag when I checked in, water broken, to the hospital to give birth.  

 I know that in the past there may have been too formal a dress regimen but we do not have to wear our pjs in the street, yes this is #1 pet peeve #2 clothes that are not your size -people do not understand are not really one size fits all but rather one size fits most, it is ok for us make an effort, especially when we are going some place like work or an event.  

I for one love make up - I have always loved it since I had to sneak it on. I have loved it since when I had these, Maybelline maybe or Cover Girl, red eyeliners that were so cheap you had to heat them with a lighter to get them on (as an adult the chemical in that frightens me).  I can spend hours in Sephora - like an opium den for me - a new foundation, an eyeliner that actually stays on and does not give me raccoon eyes and oh those lovely shades of lipstick - the browns and the right red (now that is a quest - to find the right red).  I have learned, after many a make up DON'T , how to wear it to hide a little here and enhance a little there - without it you would still recognize me.  I am also fond of new hair products - and for those of us with curly (frizzy) hair these have come a long way and I thank whoever worked and works on them.  

So no make up Mondays? not for me - well done make-up looks mostly natural, lots of it maybe needed should you find yourself on the red carpet, none of it ever (not even lipstick) well that actually works for some people too I guess (though you are missing out on the thrill of the free gift with purchase) what does not work for me is the annoying attitude of the hosts as if not wearing it was better than wearing it.   It is ok to expect all of us to look put together, at least most of the time.  I have friends who pull this off with a good pair of sunglasses and a scarf - it is not a lot of effort but it says a lot to say you made some before rolling out of the house.  So feel good about yourself, look good for yourself and a touch of a good shade of lipstick never hurts (though even it cannot salvage pajamas in public though). 


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