Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No time to blog

This week I have no time to write a proper blog
Running around with my head in a fog
There are protests in Turkey get the bum out 
Hear the people protest, hear they young ones shout

This week I have no time to write a lot
Finding my self in a tight spot
Have to pack for vacation while my calendar is packed
Have to finish my projects so I don't get sacked

This week is going by too fast 
Wish I could stretch this day to make it last
Then let it go straight to the end of the week
When I can relax in the vacation I seek

Next week there may not be a blog too
Since I will be travelling with lots of sightseeing to do
Summer is here and the world is a mess
However, I have only time to worry if I should pack a suit or a dress

So enjoy this little reminder that we all need to slow down
Maybe not run like I am all over town
Or maybe you like me get your kicks at high speed
And madness and chaos feed that need

This week there is no time for a blog but instead
Am getting kids ready cause they're still not out of bed
I'm getting ready for a trip far and fun
And with that this week's non-blog has been done

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Father's Day -

It's a 2 blog week - after all the first one I wrote is part of the large influence my dad had on me and my love of politics.  Maybe he was just good training for how to argue and learn to deflect when the other person starts getting personal to win.  Either way the many things that my father shaped in me were a need to know what is going on, to not accept blindly and to remember that we have the right as people to want more.  He taught me that no matter how bad it gets we can demand more from the government or replace it.  Mostly he taught me  to accept that we are owed nothing but opportunities so no need to let the government become our nanny.  

Fathers - Dads - Papas oh so many names for them - Mamma tends to be almost universal but the name for the father varies a lot.  I admit you are the angst and often the eye roll punch line in many of the talks women have - after all you make that easy.  You do not hear so well except for what interests you - the sense of getting something done that is asked of you tends to be on a whole different time measurement than ours - and you are so easily befuddled by where things are and how they function that pretty much have been in the same place and have been handled the same way for a long time.   

Fathers - Dads - Papas your presence and your absence has such an influence on our lives.  My own father had a lot of things that he just could have done better as a father but he would have needed to admit that he was interested in someone other than him to fix behaviors that affected those around him.  My father was a fun guy who taught me to love learning - he never stopped and he never stopped pushing me.  My father was a man who lived life in bigger terms and for the pleasure of life.  He imparted his love of music, dancing, entertaining, social skills, travelling, sarcasm and humor on to me.  He taught me that I do not ever want to be around the down side of that - because when he had that it was not a place he dragged you with him to.

I see my friends who are fathers or the fathers of my son's friends and I am really impressed guys.  You still need direction but the love and interest you show your children, your level of involvement is just worth a moment when we all should turn around to say thanks and we love you.  I have a good friend who was telling me recently of what a poor father his own dad had been and in the back of my mind I thought 2 things 1) wow your dad missed out on time with a person who is really special and how sad is that 2) you are an amazing father despite him and because of him - you learned what not to do and that is the sign of how amazing you are.  

This weekend whether there is a father in your family, whether your father has passed on, or whether yours forgot the importance of being the father he should have been remember these all add up to who we are and have made us better for it.  Yes better for it - we are better parents than those who were not, we are as good as those who were.  We are part of the lives of children who will go on to do great things.  To all the dads,  you may ask the obvious of us when you are with the kids but we love you for asking because we know it is because you care to do the right thing.  

Happy Father's Day -- I miss the good times with my dad and I applaud the good memories all the dads around me are making with their kids. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scandal of the House of Cards that we have in this Homeland

 I like TV but I can easily sit for hours reading a book, writing or doing something other than watch TV.  However, there are few shows that in the last few years have caught my interest and while I often cannot watch them when they are aired - yes because husband watches sports and sports highlights and sports replays and classic sports (seeing the theme here?) - or kids are watching Kickin' It (why do Hollywood actors stay so short and play kids at like 30 - bit eww if you think about it) or some other superhero, mischief making, slug carrying show.  I watch them either on replay on demand or stream them.  I watch them on my iPad with my headphones and you know I can actually do it while husband and boys have the debate about what to put on the larger screen without having to actually hear much (amazing those noise cancelling headphones).   Thank you technology and curse you technology because there are few shows that I have left laundry folding with all it's exciting where the hell is that other sock drama to linger while I sit in front of a little screen ready for the next episode - it's literally a boob tube in this case since it is on my knees boobs pressed against it. 

The shows I like tend to have a theme - I love politics in real life.  Bit of a political junkie and find myself amazed way too often at how many people seem to not realize how important watching multiple versions of the "truth" that is aired on the same story is.  It is no surprise then that my favorite shows are Homeland (tapping my foot writing this because I cannot wait for next season - -BRODY I ♥ u), House of Cards with Kevin Spacey (I ♥ him too) and my new addiction is Scandal.  I like Mad Men, Downton Abbey and Big Bang too. 

Now with a name like Scandal you know it is going to be sex with politics and not politics with the occasional fooling around.  The show is well acted and the plots all neatly wrapped up in one episode or a thread in a season which would make the real Washington DC so much more effective than it actually is.    The plots seem far fetched but close enough (sometimes eerily like CNN - go ahead conspiracy theorists go to town with that one) to actual events.  The thing that I like about all of these shows is what probably makes them popular - you get control to some degree.  You get control about events that we have no control over, terrorism/special interest lobbying/government employees at every level showing us that we are right in our beliefs - they are in it for the power and the power only. It appeals to our hopeful side too - that though they are in it for the power and corruption is the norm in the end someone will expose them, someone will be the good guy/gal, someone will expose this -- that is the control we do not have but these shows give us.  

Of course for me the characters are compelling - they are not far from my image of DC though on steroids (I hope) - they make fun of conspiracy theories ( I am such not the believer though I think there are dealings that are beyond our control  - vast cover ups in this news age come to light or don't really exist) and then prove them to be true.  They also have the romance and the sex that turns into hot, steamy sex.  The impossible pull and relationships of Brody and Carrie and Olivia and Fitz (did I mention how much I ♥ him..oof fan please).  We want them to succeed just like we want the good forces to win in DC and the world.  The love that cannot be but exists anyway and yes the fooling around on the Oval Office desk.. well come on you know it's not like no one ever thought about it.  

It is easy to dismiss these shows but if they make the public think about politics and maybe be less disinterested for whatever reason they are doing more than they could have imagined.  If they remind us of a lover whose touch sent a shiver just remembering their touch on your arm well then they help us escape.  For that I don the white hat and cannot wait to finish season 2 of Scandal and bring on the others.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Those hazy, lazy days of summer

   Last weekend was Memorial Day in the US -- a day to remember all of those people who either by choice or by draft served and lost their lives fighting for what they believed were the values of the US.  The idea of democracy, equality, opportunity, and the "pursuit of happiness"...seriously that is my FAVORITE ever document partially due to that line.  If governments or individuals strayed from those principles it is to their dishonor especially as we remember these fallen heroes.  The principles are still there and many, many people everywhere still believe they are the destiny that we need to keep going as a world - not through world domination, subjugation but through opportunity, democracy and the ability to do be happy.

This solemn occasion brings with it, as many solemn occasions do - think post-funeral gatherings where food, laughs and warmth are needed to reaffirm our mortality and to honor the dead through living and remembering them via laughter - something that is total fluff.  It is the unofficial start of summer.  Now for this girl who is cold, too much, this long, lengthy winter needed to end.  Last week was supposed to be that frozen toe dip in the ocean, that tshirt on top of bathing suit while I read at the beach moment but ... but.. noooo it was sooo cold on the East Coast that toe was frozen until sock was put on.  It was grey, it was chilly it was post Labor Day not Memorial Day.  It was easy to jokingly ask where is our global warming (before you find the need to explain it to me I understand that the unusual weather patters, including the cold are part of it).  It was movie time, indoor time, walk in the cold because kids are too restless in house for this much time - time.  Yet it was still the unofficial start of summer and some sun did come, the beach still was magnificent (in our sweaters, driving by, windows down smelling that ocean air that makes me so happy).  

This week we went from that to 90s -- humidity battling my overpriced chemically induced anti-Medusa hair straightener , I sweat unlike some girls and my eyeliner could have been my lip liner on some days (or on the rare occasion when one of the Medusa curls did spring, coiled and hissing - did I just start singing REO Speedwagon ? of course I did - I guess my eyeliner and hair was punk girl circa 1981).  All of this and I LOVE IT.  I love summer - I love barbecues, kids playing outside, the sound of that ice cream truck that elicits a Pavolovian salivation with cries for "Mom I need money", and the beach.  The glorious beach - the beach that I never get tired of even in a sweater.  It is a time for summer reading and for kids to do countdown to last of day of school.  It is time for vacations and clothes that get some people hot looking at you while keeping you cool.  

So it makes sense to me that Memorial Day, with it's solemn premise (read the way it started because it is fascinating - Civil War - African-American soldiers) is actually the perfect unofficial start to summer where we enjoy that pursuit of happiness (whether in an air conditioned spot, under a tree, in the water, or just not having to trudge home after work in the dark).  Honor those who believed in the democracy and promise of a country formed not by history but it's lack of it and enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer.