No time to blog

This week I have no time to write a proper blog
Running around with my head in a fog
There are protests in Turkey get the bum out 
Hear the people protest, hear they young ones shout

This week I have no time to write a lot
Finding my self in a tight spot
Have to pack for vacation while my calendar is packed
Have to finish my projects so I don't get sacked

This week is going by too fast 
Wish I could stretch this day to make it last
Then let it go straight to the end of the week
When I can relax in the vacation I seek

Next week there may not be a blog too
Since I will be travelling with lots of sightseeing to do
Summer is here and the world is a mess
However, I have only time to worry if I should pack a suit or a dress

So enjoy this little reminder that we all need to slow down
Maybe not run like I am all over town
Or maybe you like me get your kicks at high speed
And madness and chaos feed that need

This week there is no time for a blog but instead
Am getting kids ready cause they're still not out of bed
I'm getting ready for a trip far and fun
And with that this week's non-blog has been done


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