Fitz or Jake

    I am an avid fan of the show Scandal.  I know it's not Homeland, House of Cards or the Newsroom but it is politics and sexy and fun. 

The best part of course, well if you have seen it the acting is the best part because you actually start to believe you know these people in the characters they portray because they make you forget they don't really exist.  I mean he is the best looking president and has none of those grey hair and worry lines each actual president gets about 5 min after taking office. I am sure there are sneaky things in DC but this is it on meth and then some. 

The best part for my friends and I though is the Olivia dilemma...she is in love with a married man. Not just any married man but one that cannot leave his wife because he is president.  One that has the best lines and quivering looks. One who she can't keep from kissing even as she tells  him he has to earn her!! They can't be together and yet we all watch for their moments. We may feel for his wife, maybe even admire her tough and take no prisoners ambition a little but well Fitz can't be hers.  

Last season they introduced a character named Jake. Now it's Scandal and he has flaws and even dubious loyalties but he is sexy and good to Olivia and most of all he is single. So the dilemma is Fitz or Jake. In logic land it's a no brainer. In reality with wars, murders, government shutdowns and a host of other issues it's silly time to spend any moments on this.  Yet for those of us who watch anything fiction the diversion is needed because sometimes we all need an hour fluff to recharge in a world that demands our constant vigilance. It would be nice to worry less about world matters because they always get resolved by end of hour.  

So Fitz or Jake, yes the uber moral will say Fitz isn't an option whatever.  Fitz or Jake - the one that's the "one " or the one that should be the "one"?  Maybe the fun in watching is having that choice. Maybe it's the thought that we all deserved to be "earned".  Mostly it's the fun we need in a world that so often in the media seems to have lost it. 

Fitz or Jake...who do you choose ?


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