Only how many weekends left?

  It has always felt this way - after my birthday the summer is on a bullet train to the end of the line.  Now for a summer baby like me this is not a welcome thought.  I do like Fall, the clothes are super cute and the whole changing of the leaves while colder but not nasty freezing out is pleasant, with all it's warm during the day moments and cooler nights. However, you cannot beat summer for me.

So as usual right after my birthday I look at the calendar and get crestfallen about the few weekends left.  In those few weekends we will cram as many things as possible of course, just because that is how we tend to do it in this house.  The beach - oh the beautiful beach.  I love the beach - I dream of a house on the beach and do not burst my fantasy with the reality of cost and upkeep please - the waves crashing, the smell oh that smell of salt water made me smile just thinking of it.  I like the clear blues of other seas but there is nothing with the power of the waves, powerful and tall, crashing with the white foam at the end like I see as many weekends as possible with the Atlantic.  I have taught the boys a healthy respect for the water - they often repeat my words "bravery is not doing something dangerous but knowing when something is too dangerous and getting away from it".  They have been walloped and scarred by a knock down and that is as it should be.  It is amazing but it is to be treated with a healthy, respect for it's power.

Now the countdown begins .. who can still visit us at the beach and enjoy the time with us, who do we still want to visit.  Do we give up a weekend for another location ?  It is all good because it is all fun.  We were fortunate enough to buy a weekend place a few miles from the beach, in a town that was "up and coming back" aka relator speak for "good luck and hope it does but it's cheap for now".  The town has revitalized and become this adorable artist haven, with old structures kept intact and renovated, restaurants and all walking distance.  There is something very New England about the lack of ostentatious people, places since we are on the RI border.  The town next to us has some incredible homes and a gorgeous hotel called Ocean House that is a Victorian on the beach reminiscent of a time when men donned hats just to tip them at the ladies.   All of this and yet there is a feeling of comfort, ice cream parlors and walks on the sand without having to dress up, push for a reservation or be someone other than yourself to get a table.

I do look forward to school supply shopping, there is something I so like about that since I was a kid and my boys well they are happy to let me do it all because outside of a backpack they do not seem as spellbound by the smell and cracking sound of a new marble notebook.

Ahh summer we hold you in our memories and our hearts with music, pictures and an overall sense of languid enjoyment throughout the year in this house.

It turned colder; that's where it ends
So I told her we'd still be friends
Then we made our true love vow
Wonder what she's doin' now......................Summer Nights Grease


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