Roses are red ...

My funny valentine
Sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favourite work of art......."My Funny Valentine"

For all those cynics who say it is a Hallmark holiday, personally feel like it is more like a sponsored holiday, there are all those of us who actually like Valentine's Day.  After all why not have a celebration of that most wonderful feeling  You know love the kind that is written about since time began, that makes you foolish, makes you smile in the middle of doing something mundane because you think of the person who gives you that warm, slightly queasy feeling. Love that is actually part lust, part friendship and lasts for a long time...or love that is fleeting but still spins us around while we are part of it. 

Valentine's Day is also about heartbreak  -  those people who passed your desk in school as they gave someone else a card, the one that maybe you never told that his was the desk you should have stopped at, the line comes through and true for me "it is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all". The heartbreak that prepared your heart and soul for the person who should have it.

It is easy to dismiss that every kiss begins with Kay's...actually in my humble experience there is a lot of kissing prior to getting anything from Kay's or any other jewelry store (blue box one is my favorite). It is actually quite obnoxious to save all of your emotions to be displayed on one day...maybe every other Friday should be Valentine's Day (you extra smooch the person that you love).  It is not a day to even attempt dinner out - unless your are dating, beginning stages, at which point you are usually so smitten with one another that you do not notice the lukewarm food since you are sharing smoldering hot looks, the rushed service since you are probably scarfing down the meal to run out of there and make "dessert", the overpriced bill after all at the point you don't have a payment you are sharing on a necessity.  

My friend Kristin recently wrote about her favorite Valentine gifts and topping the list were the ones from her kids - as mothers we know those that are made by little hands and slightly imperfect in design are more wonderful than anything designed by Cartier, Tiffany or Bulgari combined.  You look into to those eyes that say you are beautiful and perfect and all knowing and you feel you are all of those things.  You hear an "I love you Mom" and there is a mini orchestra behind it.  You get those little puckered lips, often sloppy always delicious, coming at you and well ....sigh, swoon, wow!!!!! Some of my favorite gifts include a mixed tape made given with a card written with lines from some of my favorite songs to tell me how the giver felt about me, jewelry boxes made by boys (impressively sturdy and cute), a surprise night planned with things I really enjoyed doing and only mentioned in passing as wanting to try, a giant canvas and good oil paints and pretty much anything that was given to me that showed the person actually thought about what might interest me. 

I am a total sappy romantic in so many ways and I keep it under wraps - doesn't wear well with my usual NYC all black attire. I remember kisses, stolen and planned and non-stopping or quickly caught, and intimate moments. Go and enjoy the day - every kiss does not need to begin with Kay's but it does need to begin with you...
An "I love you" wrapped in the voice that is sincere will make this girl's heart pitter patter and be worn by me more than anything a blue box will hold (not discouraging the blue box in addition to though). Total confession as much as I say I have no need a delivery of flowers on this day one, yes even roses, still gives me a slight shiver.  I am helping the boys partake in the holiday with their classmates, with these adorable stickers that go on lollipops- because sharing love and sweets is something that I hope they can do forever.  

Happy Valentine's Day ...oh stop it you know you just smiled.


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