Goodbye 2012... hard to believe

How will we remember 2012?  I have been thinking about this for the past few days?  If you, like me, know that watching the news is usually depressing yet cannot help yourself because you are a current events junkie (goes hand in hand with my being a history junkie too...child of Communist bloc parents so politics were my bedtime story since I can remember) you may recall this year by all the tragedies.  There were man made tragedies (like Newtown, CT) and natural disasters (Hurricane Sandy) and the usual murder, mayhem, wars and other items that the print and tv media called "news" deems worthy of spending the majority of their time on.

That would be a depressing way to go into a new year.  It is not that we should all not acknowledge all of these terrible events, what could we learn from them, how could we handle them better, is there a prevention?  It is not that no matter how hard we may try this year will always touch our hearts as the year that so many small children were cruelly killed.  It is just that I cannot let that be what takes over my memories.

This year in review in the storage of my brain will need to be about the wonderful poem my 8 year old wrote about Peace (where he broke it down to things like sitting on the couch as a family to watch a movie).  The year that my 6 year old looked me lovingly in the eye and said "me and you and you and me always".  There are the moments in the summer where they would not leave the water except for a snack, dose of sunscreen and back in they went.  I will look at this year and realize it is the year that the 8 year old and I by unspoken agreement decided when I do drop off in front of his friends I am to coolly wave goodbye, no longer kissing the top of his head and telling him "have a good day (insert numerous ridiculous nicknames I use for him here)"....we could still do that in the car, windows closed.  This will be the year that we remember that we could live without electronics, though it pained us, for 6 days and that being with one another can be entertaining.

Maybe we will remember that this year taught us to be grateful.  Thankful for still having a home after a hurricane, for having the luxury of having electronics to begin with.  We could look back on 2012 as the year that the kids learned a lot about politics - that voting is important and not to be taken lightly.  It was the year that more memories were made with friends and I got to spend more time with people who actually make my life that much better.  In 2012 some new friendships were started and others reacquainted.  It was the year that I saw family seem to get older so I sighed a little less and tried to be more patient with them.

I choose to remember the good books, the great meals at wonderful restaurants, the collection of Sunday dinners with our close friends, the music and most of all I choose to acknowledge the negative things by being grateful for all that is sooooo good in my life.

Happy New Year - 2013 you have a lot to live up to and I look forward to it...


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