To card or not to card ....

It is increasingly obvious that many people are  no longer sending handwritten cards - even at holidays.  If they still send things via mail it often is the holiday picture cards with a preprinted message. 

Now I have a wonderful friend who makes her own cards - while I am always impressed by these treasures, I also know I do not have the time or patience to ever take on such a big task - cannot wait for the one she will send this year (Claudette - no pressure - ha!).  I also have a good friend whose company makes this beautiful stationery (Hampton Paper Designs that would be you of course) including the holiday cards - a good option as they even have one where if you must do the holiday pic you can slip it in.  However, this too takes a little pre-planning which I swear I will do every year but to date have not been all that successful in sticking to.  

I like a selection - from the whimsical to the ornate - I actually select each one,  as I write out a message on each, for the recipient that it is going to.  I have to admit I am a little appalled at how much my handwriting has deteriorated since I use it less - but if I had the time (maybe that's what I should ask Santa for!!!!) I would write it with my favorite fountain pen - since that option is not really viable I still like to find great pens.  I used to write a lot more but I too have switched to a hybrid - short personal message along with annual holiday catch up poem.  I wanted to eliminate the poem last year but thank you to the kind insistence from family and friends - it stays.  

So I am sad about the disappearance of this tradition - along with handwritten letters or notes which I miss from people, yes I kept some of the best notes/letters I have ever gotten in my life.  In an age where mail is usually 90% stuff I just throw in the recycle bin without even needing to open it is the one time of year that I actually look forward to getting mail.  I smile at the distances that these cards have traveled, yes I marvel at how much children have grown, and most of all I like to feel like I was thought of.  An email greeting just does not invoke that feeling in me.  I have given up on all the other holidays (and I admit it has been helpful to not remember to send in time, get stamps, etc...) though birthday cards for those in my very close circle of friends are still hand chosen and sent (if you get one of these you know it may be- say a few days late because I am great at buying but fail at sending on time pretty consistently).  

I will adjust - I usually do - I did with music and books (ok, ok are so much easier to get/carry/have on the ereader - though the dangerous ability to purchase these 2 things at anytime has not been exactly a good thing for my wallet).  I still love the smell and look of a card store, personalized stationery, book store -- and get excited about buying this year's cards.  

I love this season - and I love all the cheesy things that go with it from lights, holiday music - it makes me smile to see the city decorated and of course I look forward to getting cards in the mail.  

Do you still give and get cards?  Still love it ? -- 


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