The Art of Seduction...ohh Mr Grey

Still finding it difficult to believe that after all this time Fifty Shades of Grey discussions are still going strong - the term Red Room has become part of our daily vocabulary and who knew so many people liked so much kink???  If the books were not enough there is the movie which is a seduction in itself with it's tantalizing "I wonder who?".

My highest read blogs, which keep getting read worldwide (THANK you), are about the trilogy.   It is fascinating, voyeuristic look into the fact that women out there are enjoying sex and sex talk as much as the boys  - so no need to hide your Playboys, well there is a need to hide them because 1) we will probably dissect every picture and tell you how it was photoshopped, siliconed, waxed, covered blemishes with foundation and come on you really think anyone's lips are that size without a little botulism? and then we will promptly spout off some feminist tag line while stomping to bathroom to wonder how we will never look like that ...

I still think what women like about the books is something that has been lost a lot in the past few years - younger women may have rarely or never seen it - the art of seduction.  Seduction like many things that actually take time (slow,  languorous meals, slow walks for contemplation rather power walks for exercise, conversations deep and thoughtful face to face, listening to the same record over and over just because you can and many others) has been reduced to a drive through pick up even when the meal is a fillet mignon.  Christian and Anastasia play a kinky game of seduction and that is drawing women in - cause letting that knife slowly slice through the pink, juicy fillet in front of you, closing your eyes and letting your taste buds register the buttery quality, rolling your tongue around that morsel, knowing you have it but there is not a lot and slowly eating it - well is sure a lot more enjoyable than wolfing down that Big Mac in record time. 

Seduction does not happen just because you are dating or because you are looking to get laid.  It happens because there is that mad attraction between two people and rather than just give in to it you draw out the anticipation for a bit.  Seduction is about the deep conversation that has nothing to do with carnal thoughts but gets you hot and excited because there is passion in it.  It is that moment before you see someone when you wonder if you will still get that slight pause in your breath, if you will bite your lower lip, get the sensation in your body that ends in a slight shiver.  It is for me the man who knows how to make you feel like you are sexier than the Playboy centerfold not because you are in better shape but because he can't stop thinking about you but he can put the magazine down.  The person who with a look or the sound of their voice knows how to draw you in - makes you free of inhibitions - and makes you feel a yearning for them that lasts long after you have parted ways.  It is the art of anticipation, of eyes connecting, lips barely touching before that kiss that drowns you, slight brushes against one another "accidental" or magnetic, double entendres, and time spent in public that is peppered with thoughts unspoken or alluded to of what you want to be doing with one another in private. Seduction is obvious to the 2 people playing the game and not vulgar to the world around them. Seduction is not coercion. 

Before there was Fifty there was "9 1/2 Weeks" before that there was Casanova.  As women we are hot for Christian  because he spans 3 books to get Anastasia in a state where she is content emotionally but also always slightly on edge and anticipating the next moment physically - he is the seduction master to her willing slave.  Seduction like many things that we are leaving behind, because we have become a world of immediate satisfaction, is something that we still want and miss. LATERS


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