My Andy Rooney moment

Hard to focus this week on a I join the melee and say I have no compassion or understanding for the mindless violence over a cheap YouTube video? Or the idiot filmmaker who made a movie that is just meant to insult and incite for no reason? Do I comment on Scientology's noted apprehension about the upcoming movie The Master? Complain about the Ramapo, NY public school district that has been hijacked and looted by Ultra conservative Orthodox Board Members who are doing to others exactly what was done to them in years past -- excluding based on faith? Maybe I could just listen for the latest nonsensical totally voodoo crap about vaccines, evolution, solar systems, and a host of other scientific facts - doesn't matter how often you prove those people wrong - it is not about science or fact but about the Snake Oil salesman pitch - they are more interested in Kate's boobs than in not being boobs themselves!  I could get all on my soapbox about how discriminatory and offensive I am finding a lot of my "liberal" friends with their comments about the "rich" - do they not see their hypocrisy - they of the rightful outrage at remarks about stereotypes about the poor the same they that propagate stereotypes about the rich ? For the Republicans how come you do not see the hypocrisy of talking about small government but yet advocate laws that are aimed at personal choices and invasive non-necessary medical procedures for women?  Maybe as school just started I could just get on my usual annoyance at home schooling.  Or ask where is the money from the Iraqi troop pull out? Why don't people making millions pay the same percentage of taxes  - while we are it why don't more than 40% of the population actually pay any taxes?  Why is the healthcare reform act so lacking - soooo lacking - and yet we need one that actually would address the issue of lack of insurance that faces so many people?

There is the fundraising for politicians but no millions for the people they are supposed to represent?  I could always tackle religion - but that is too easy a target and maybe people need it - just not sure what it is doing for them.  I could just be annoyed by the ever growing prices at the grocery store.  There is the government and the fact that to date they have yet to say how they are going to streamline, correct and budget going forward.  I am tired of the billions we spend on foreign aid for things like Israel and Egypt not to fight each other (really - why ?)  and the lack of actual resources that have not reached the people from the yearly billions that have been given to that region- the lack of micro loans and the lack of responsibility those nations take about their situation and the crap leaders that they keep putting in place (speaking of which that last bit applies to the whole world including here).

I look at this and feel better and worse - it seems overwhelming - endless - sad -- or I could look it and be grateful for being able to write it - to hope that others are addressing some of these issues - that maybe some day my kids will read this and wonder what was going on because they are living in a world where these issues are diminished (I am a realist so will not imagine eradicated).  I miss Andy Rooney and his 60 minutes rants so much that I just created my own.


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