Things that make you go hmm

I had a whole other blog ready, written, edited, re-read, all set ...then Penn State news happened and I just felt punched in the stomach.  It is news items like that that really make me cringe, more since becoming a Mother, but even before.  The idea of abusing a child, or anyone or any thing, just is beyond my comprehension.  I used to a supporter of capital punishment but over the years even that idea has become one I cannot tolerate...we are better than that...but in cases like this or mass atrocities I have to admit to my own base instinct to say pull the trigger...the world will be better for it.  In the spirit of not adding to the news which is always so grim, murder, abuse, economic crumbles and in reverence to Andy Rooney's passing thought I would instead write this blog with things that maybe in all this will bring a small smile to your day.

Things that make me go hmm..

Well for one I love a good oxymoron that one in that saying? 
         - Slow Down get of my I should speed, speed, speed right?
I also (though admire the fact that they even tried) get a kick out of non-English speaking signs in their countries- and yes I am the dork that wrote these down
         - We have die livery and fried lamps...Greece
         - Meat is fresh with you....Spain
         - Tie you up for free ....France (OK so knowing the sexual freedom we attribute to the French this was gift wrapping not anything else)
In the US I chuckle at menus, in this day and age of spell check, that are still incorrect
          - We are open 24 hour
          - Massage give you good headache
          - Buy one get one (not free so am assuming you just got the one you bought)
Spell check itself has given me many a laugh especially these days with my iPhone
          - Text that I wrote too fast ...My posse and I cannot wait to see you.....yes change posse to a "u" for the "o" and the "e" for a "y" and you will know why my friend had to call me and say in all the years we have been friends this was the first time that offer was on the table....
Politicians - actually do not have that much space or time but here are 2 pretty consistent ones
          - Their continuous, cross party ability to "not remember" or "not identify" themselves in incidents or pictures
          - Their lack of learning from the guy before he got caught sending naughty letter, email, text, will you...
My husband still doesn't see it but I can laugh for a long time when certain letters are out in neon signs leading to
          - Dick's Sporting Goods....Dick Ting Good
Security Ties on toys 
          - Tom Cruise could do a whole new Mission Impossible on trying to open as many of these small, clear, tight, sometimes need a screwdriver bolts that they put on toys...weirdly enough not on expensive electronic devices but on something that I am going to say cost as much to make as the additional security packaging....
America's Home Videos - not even the videos which sometimes are ridiculous but the fact that people actually send them in for national viewing
Reality TV.....kind of like a car accident you have to take glance but at some point you just shudder and are glad it is not you
Shake Weight...I was not convinced not a gag until I actually saw one for sale in CVS - if you have not seen this well looking for on YouTube

These things well they are silly and light but once in a while do we not all deserve to read or hear something that just makes the dreadful background noise quiet?  I will have a heavy heart for a long time over the Penn State atrocity, I worry all the time about the EUs financial collapse (cause we are all connected in case that is being downplayed), I do not see any politicians that inspire me or are inspired (though I do vote for the one that has some glimmer of rationality) and most of all I worry about the world around my children and their peers.  In all of this it is easy to forget to look at the ridiculous and funny around us, the beauty of the trees changing, the wonderful feeling in the pit of the stomach when you are about to kiss someone, the wonder that the children see the world with....I do not want to give that to the negative news...I love to laugh so instead I will too choose to keep smiling at the things that make me go hmm.......


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