Fall..Autumn...here it comes

Autumn in New York
Why does it seem so exciting (inviting)
Autumn in New York
It spells the thrill of first-nighting....Billie Holiday
Considering how much I love summer I must admit that I actually like Fall a lot.  Probably after summer it is my favorite season for a host of very silly reasons as well as some that are not.  It is the time that it gets chilly enough to break out some nice toasty outfits without having to be so cold that I dread going outside.  The food can start to be cooked slowly and it is the kind meant to be eaten warm so it can heat you through and through as you eat it.  Comfort food...I mean really enough said based on that description.  The magazines have my favorite issues, big fat, fashions that for the most part cannot be worn by the average person but can be admired for their creative intent.  I love Fall clothes, they lend themselves to my more classic side while allowing me to add some racy tights or boots  so that I do not feel too lady who lunches.   My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is during this season. Every year I get a little thrill when we occasionally have those days of pure warmth (they used to be called Indian summer but am sure some politically correct annoying person will correct me on that one).   I missed the changing of the seasons when I lived in San Francisco, felt like one long same season out there.  I love drives up around the Hudson Valley and warm fireplace inns where we could stop after apple picking, have a cider donut (or more if my boys have their say), and even drink a nice red wine to warm us through before we head back.  

One year the boys asked me why the leaves changed while we were driving on one of our Sunday food shopping morning runs.  Since in our house I usually make up stories to tell them, either about adventures including themselves or to explain something, I made one up for this too. Now every year they ask me to retell it and here it is;

Mother Nature knowing that winter was coming and the fragile leaves would not make it went to the trees and said "We need the leaves to fall and stay away for the winter, this way we will have room for the new leaves to come out when the spring comes" and the leaves on the trees swayed in the wind and said "No".  Mother Nature thinks about their response and comes back the next day and says "In the fall I will make you the most beautiful colors of yellow, gold, orange and red. More beautiful than you have ever been. To make sure I do this I will leave the pine trees as green guardians. However, after you have turned into these colors you must fall off ". The leaves think about it and realize that people will always remember them this way so they agree and that is why the leaves change.  

I hope for a prolonged Fall as I do not like winter...the cold just really drains me though am a big sucker for buying Christmas presents for everyone and getting the house ready for that holiday so for now I will enjoy the crisp nights and the beauty that Fall brings. 


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