People try to push us around..Talking 'bout my generation

I am a child of change, both personal and public.  I have grown up being moved from one country/continent to another, moved more times than I can keep track of (of my own free choosing) and switched careers.  All of this is actually not that unusual for my generation.

For those of us born in the 60s, itself a time of great shifts throughout the world, we have lived with the laid back 70s, the hyper/"greed for lack of a better word is good" 80s, the fall of that junk bond economy that thrust us into a work force which was beaten and lacked luster 90s, to the changing of a century, all the while adapting.  We are Generation X according to "they", you know "they" who know everything; slackers, not loyal, disbelievers in the "system" - those are the labels attached to us.   Unlike previous generations we are not loyal to employers, why should we be as they have encouraged us to manage our own growth, often while downsizing our opportunities.  For us migration is not a bad thing, we move to new places but stay loyal to our childhood friends and neighborhoods.  As a generation we tend to not have attachments to conventional institutions and beliefs and instead put our friends and priorities above those of what is expected.  We have seen governments come and go, countries shift names and boundaries, and continue to know that the only constant is change. We are still believers in "could happen".  

We have lived through one of the fastest evolutions of technology that will ever happen....all past generations did not imagine it and all future generations expect it.  We went from a world that was bound to one that is portable (remote controls, dvds, cell phones, cordless phones). Our mail has come through the slot as well as on our computers.  Our parents bought us encyclopedia sets and we help our children via the internet.  

All of these things are part of other generations but for ours this never ending movement is the way it has always been.  We are the adaptive generation, we optimistically hope we can push the world to a better place and realistically applaud every small step, we consume and recycle, we move forward with the tide rather than swimming against it. Generation X ....well you can call us many thing but never boring!

"Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, oh look out you rock and rollers, Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Pretty Soon Now You're Gonna Get a Little Older--Time May Change Me but I can't trace time" - David Bowie


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